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Have you read the latest Maths report from Ofsted?

If so, you will have seen that the report specifically mentions the benefit of making good use of your local maths hub! That's us - the Mobius Maths Hub!  Are you getting the most out of us?!


The Ofsted report recognises that schools “receive high quality, subject-specific” continual professional development from NCETM and their local maths hub, and the training could reduce schools’ “vulnerability to quick-fix approaches or unevidenced ‘fads’,” 


The report also showcases the NCETM Mastering Number programme as an example of good practice in early mathematics.


Have you signed up for Mastering Number yet? It's FULLY FUNDED by the Maths Hub Programme so totally FREE!   You can sign up with us here

Teaching for Mastery - Open Lessons

We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to join one of our teaching for Mastery specialists (TFMS) in an open lesson. The session will start with the TFMS setting the lesson in context then you will observe the lesson (or part of) with a focus on one of the Five Big Ideas. Afterwards there will be a discussion around what was observed and the impact with a chance to ask questions.


This is not about judging a lesson but sharing teaching approaches and recognising how these decisions impact on the learning.


  • 07 February 2024 - 09:15-11:00 Battle Primary School, Reading
  • 28 February 2024 - 09:30-11:30 Binfield CoE Primary School, Bracknell
  • 29 February 2024 - 09:10-11:30 Box CofE Primary School, Corsham


To book onto one of these sessions or to find out more click here.