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We are currently recruiting for:

 Secondary Assistant Maths Hub Lead

Equivilant to 1 day a week.

The Secondary Assistant Maths Hub lead will coordinate the work of the Maths Hub for KS3 and KS4, including: 

  • Acting as the public face of the Maths Hub, communicating, and promoting the Maths Hub’s vision and ambition for maths teaching and maths teachers and the results of its work 

  • Maintaining a strategic view of mathematics teaching in Mobius Hub area

  • Acting as a line manager as well as helping to deliver local NCP Work Groups 

  • Acting as a line manager for local Innovation Work Groups 

  • Ensuring consistency of experience for participants across NCP Work Groups 

  • Gathering, moderating, and publishing case studies and/or examples of good practice with the assistance of the Leadership and Management Team (LMT) 

  • Attending and reporting to the LMT meetings regularly 

  • Contributing to the professional development of the Mobius Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME) community

  • Assisting in the promotion and recruitment for Mobius activities

  • Any other reasonable request by the Senior Lead or Maths Hub Lead 

  • Leading and working collaboratively with others 

Experience of the Teaching of Mastery as well as curriculum leadership would be desirable.

Level 3 Assistant Maths Hub Lead

Equivilant to 1/2 a day a week.

The Level 3 lead will coordinate the work of the Maths Hub for Post 16 Work Groups. The role includes all the same requirements as for the Secondary Lead as detailed above, and includes the following: 

  • Maintaining a strategic view of mathematics teaching in the Mobius Hub area, particularly at L3 

  • Maintaining an overview of L3 provision in Mobius Hub area 

  • Co-ordinating the work of MEI, AMSP, Core Maths etc across South & SouthWest region to avoid duplication of offer 

  • Leading a L3 Mathematics Co-ordination Group to ensure a strategic approach to the prioritisation and selection of L3 Mathematics Work Groups according to local need and appropriate data (probably meeting once a term) 

  • Attending local & national L3 conferences & meetings on behalf of Mobius Maths Hub; disseminating good practice 

  • Evaluating the work of the Maths Hub and sharing impact 

  • Suggesting areas of work for the Maths Hub locally 

  • Collaborating with other L3 Maths Leads across the Maths Hubs Network 

Work Group Leads

Work Group Leads are responsible for planning, organising, running, and facilitating our many Work Groups in the Maths Hub. This is a great opportunity to support your career development at a regional and national level as well as change the national landscape with regards to Maths education.  Your time to plan & deliver the Work Group will be funder . In addition, you will receive : 

  • · central national training from the NCETM bespoke to the Work Group
  • · support from Mobius LLME community  

We are currently looking for Leads to support Work Groups :

  • · Secondary Subject Leadership
  • · Secondary Maths MAT Leads: leading and developing mathematics teaching
  • · Years 7-11 Coherence
  • · Specialist Knowledge for the Teaching of Mathematics (Secondary Non-specialist Teachers) Communities

If you are interested in any of the current roles available or would like to find out more about the Mobius Maths Hub, please email:


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