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Local Leaders in Maths Educaton

The members of any Maths Hub LLME Community are the Maths Hub Leads, Assistant Maths Hub Leads, Cohort Leads and Work Group Leads who support the work of the hub. These professionals could have other roles such as SLEs or PD Leads, but they will be working directly with the hub in the roles outlined.

When you join the LLME Community, you will have opportunities to connect with your community of local leaders of maths education, and build wider professional relationships. You will also learn and work together, to further develop expertise in leading maths pedagogy, leading maths professional development, and leading school development in maths.

Participants will attend several LLME gatherings, spread across the academic year and equating to three days of time. These will be planned in line with the five design principles for a professional learning community detailed below.

  • Establish, develop and revisit a common meaning and purpose
  • Explicitly plan for professional growth
  • Model and expect high levels of professionalism
  • Design for push and pull
  • Develop collective and collaborative leadership

The LLME Communities project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participants and their schools. Funding covers provision for the equivalent of three days.

For more information, please email us.