A Level Pedagogy, a Collaborative Success

The first session of the Developing A Level Pedagogy Work Group saw a fantastic group of like-minded and enthusiastic teachers come together to discuss many aspects of teaching A Level Maths. The session was described by participants as 'informative', 'thought provoking', and 'enjoyable'. We initially focused on the overarching themes of the syllabus (proof, problem solving, and modelling) and how to develop these complex skills in students and various tasks that could be used to stimulate Mathematical discussion and a deeper understanding. We then looked at a series of 'cross-over' exam questions which involve more than one topic and therefore require students to have an advanced understanding of the links between topics. Everyone came up with ideas for how they would tackle each question with a class and shared our ideas, prompting a wonderful Mathematical and pedagogical discussion. We ended the session by taking the time to write some of our own questions and bounce ideas off each other. Everyone has shared the tasks they prepared with the rest of the group, so we all now have a wealth of new tasks to use with our classes and then discuss how it went in the next session. 

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Tor Baikie, Work Group Lead