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At this time of year, I am sure that some of you will be getting excited about the colours of Christmas coming in whilst others will be holding onto the enjoyment of the last of the orange glow of the autumn leaves.

Here in the Mobius Maths Hub we have certainly started the mince pies early to keep us energised through lots of the exciting events that we have hosted and those coming up!  That’s our excuse anyway!

This year we are supporting a whopping 450 primary schools which is 88% of the schools in our area.
We have 12 workgroups that have started recently focussing on variety of skills from empowering Teaching Assistants in their confident delivery of maths to supporting Early Careers Teachers to plan and deliver exciting and engaging lessons.

We have also had our first Strategic Board meeting of the year and we'd like to welcome our new members Steve Bogg from Swindon County Council, Brett Jouny from Malmesbury School, Michael Dillon from Birch Hill Primary School & Lucy Hillyard from Brighter Futures for Children.
There is Lots happening here and there is much more to come!

Please see today's edition of Mobius Primary E-Bulletin & Mobius Secondary E-Bulletin for more information.

Best wishes, Wiola, Sarah & Hannah