Mastering Number at Mobius

The Mastering Number programme, for pupils in EYFS, Y1 and Y2, has enjoyed a very successful launch in the Mobius Maths Hub area! This new programme emphasises inclusion for all children. The challenge in Mastering Number is children becoming mathematically observant, being focused and looking for relationships.

One teacher reported:

‘It was good to see some of the children instantly making the link between, '5 needs 3 to make 8' (from our Mastering Number session) to '50p + 30p = 80p.

“Because 5 needs 3 to make 8 so I know 50p + 30p = 80p.” The power of the stem sentences we used was clear to see!’

The intention is that children will leave Key Stage 1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence alongside flexibility with number.

Schools involved in the Work Group are receiving rekenreks, small abacus-like pieces of equipment, which will add to the range of structured representations children use to help support the recall of number facts.



Everyone at Mobius cannot wait to hear more from schools about the positive differences Mastering Number is making to children’s learning throughout the rest of the academic year and beyond!

If you missed out on a place this year for Mastering Number, click here to register your interest for the 2022/23 with the NCETM.


Joe Burbank

Mastering Number Work Group Lead


Nathan Crook

Mastering Number Work Group Lead