Year 5 - 8 Continuity Programme

There has neve been a greater need for continuity between KS2 and KS3 maths teaching. 

"Teachers will be working without the usual SATs data to support transition during 2021/22, so the Work Group’s aim of developing collaboration to secure successful transition for pupils has an added significance. As the situation returns to normal, this enhanced communication and collaboration will ensure that, when data is available, it is used in a more informed way.

Ofsted and EEF publications (Key Stage 3 – the wasted years? Ofsted 2015 & Improving mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3, EEF 2017) have highlighted the need for a focus on continuity at transition from KS2-3, and their recommendations include improving knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and curriculum in the other key stage. The work aims to avoid the dip in attainment which is often reported as pupils move from primary to secondary education." NCETM

At Mobius we are only to aware of how smooth the transition from Primary to Secondary education needs to be for our pupils, and that the key to successful transition is the development of collaborative Work Groups for our Secondary and Feeder Primary schools. Collaboration is at the heart of our Maths Mastery philosophy and we would encourage you to talk to your linked schools about joining the 5 - 8 Continuity Programme with the aim of encouraging a positive attitude to maths for KS2 and KS3 pupils, as well as allowing for better KS3 planning based on KS2 content.

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