Years 5 - 8 Continuity Helping Us Through Challenging Times

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in leading work groups with Mobius Hub for a few years and this year I am working with schools in their sustaining year.  The past two years have been a challenging time for all involved in education and embedding and sustaining change has certainly had its setbacks.  This year has seen the return of face to face meetings after two years of disrupted workshops and the impact of this on teacher’s pedagogical and professional development has been fantastic to be a part of. 

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of these work groups.  The work sessions enable participants to take time out of their own classroom and really reflect, discuss and consider deeply what maths looks like in their own school and how they can improve outcomes for their pupils. Whether it’s observing a mastery lesson in action or engaging in a collaborative planning session with other schools, having the opportunity to learn from each other and share expertise is a valuable experience. 

In a recent workgroup session, we observed a mastery lesson on fractions focusing in on the whole: part relationship.  Being able to model a lesson and draw attention to specific aspects of mastery was hugely valuable to both early career teachers and more experienced teachers.  The discussion was centred around the use of representation and variation with teachers considering how carefully chosen representations are pivotal in securing children’s understanding of mathematical structures. The post lesson discussion gave participants the time to consider maths, not only in their class, but across their setting more widely and how to ensure changes that have been made can be embedded and sustained over time for maximum impact on pupils. 

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Ellie Burfoot, Work Group Lead