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Maths Hub Lead - Mrs Wiola Czekaj

Wiola Czekaj has been working as a Maths Teacher at the Willink School since 2014. She is a Secondary Mastery Specialist, NCETM accredited PD Lead and has worked as Secondary Assistant Maths Hub Lead for two years prior to September 2023, when she took the role of the Mobius Maths Hub Lead.  

Wiola holds the pivotal role of Maths Hub Lead at Mobius Maths Hub, where she is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Hub. Her duties encompass leading the development and implementation of the Hub’s initiatives, ensuring they align with educational goals and standards. Wiola oversees the coordination of programs, such as Teaching for Mastery and other specialized work groups, while also managing partnerships with schools, educators, and other stakeholders in the education sector.

Her leadership ensures that the Hub effectively supports the professional development of teachers and improves mathematics education across the schools it serves. Wiola’s role involves not only administrative oversight but also visionary planning to adapt to evolving educational needs and opportunities. Her guidance is crucial in fostering a collaborative environment where best practices in math education are developed and shared.

 Maths Hub Senior Link - Mrs Nicolle Browning

Mrs Browning, Head at The Willink School Burghfield.  The Willink is a thriving, highly successful school and a wonderful place for young people to learn and develop.

The school has high aspirations for every student and strives for excellence in all areas of the curriculum. The school ethos is clearly defined in the motto 'Village School, Global Outlook' with all students encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. 

Nicolle Browning holds the influential position of Maths Hub Senior Link at Mobius Maths Hub, where her primary responsibility is to set the strategic direction of the Hub. Her role involves steering the Hub's initiatives and ensuring they are informed by the latest research to provide effective support to schools across the region.

Nicolle works closely with educational leaders, researchers, and other stakeholders to gather insights and identify trends that can enhance the Hub's programs. Nicolle’s strategic vision and commitment to research-informed practices help ensure that the Mobius Maths Hub delivers impactful support to educators and students alike. 

Assistant Maths Hub Leads - Primary

Assistant Maths Hub Leads - Primary (ID 1239)

  • Linda Wynne
  • Suzanne Mathews
  • Gill Knight

Assistant Maths Hub Leads - Secondary & Post-16

Secondary & Post-16 Assistant Maths Hub Leads (ID 1262)

  • Emma Irvine
  • Emma James
  • Lucy Taylor


Maths Hub Operations Team

Operations team (ID 1263)

  • Sarah Briginshaw
  • Hannah Dennis
  • Angela Hancock


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