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As a Maths Hub, we are part of a growing network of local educational hubs around the country, all of which aim to support and develop teaching across a range of subjects, enhancing the learning of our students.

Within the Möbius Maths Hub area, we work closely with our Teaching School Hubs; Berkshire and Swindon & Wiltshire to provide support targeted towards our local educational needs. To find out more about the support the Teaching School Hubs offer, please click below.



For Initial Teacher Training, the hub works closely with Reading University, supporting schools in their provision of ITT programmes. For more information about all teaching programmes offered by Reading University, please click here.

For post 16 maths support, The Hub works alongside the AMSP (Advanced Mathematics Support Programme) to deliver professional development and training focused on A Level and Core Maths topics. 

As a collective group, all Maths hubs work under the umbrella of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), leading Teaching for Mastery training and promoting the development of specialist knowledge in key areas of mathematics. To find our more about all the professional development programmes offered  by the NCETM, please click here.