Primary School Mastery Programme 

During the school year, Maths Hubs across England will be working with thousands of primary schools to continue the spread of teaching for mastery across England.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers like you to develop best practice in maths in your school. It is suitable for schools interested in implementing a teaching for mastery approach to maths.

Schools start the programme based on the unique needs of their school. The diagram below shows the Teaching for Mastery journey and is used to determine where your school starts the programme.

Mastery Readiness Work Groups


Programme Information

Application Form and Information

Mastery Developing Work Groups


Programme Information

Application Form and Information


For further information about the Primary Schools Teaching for Mastery Programme please take a look at the NCETM website, or to see what is involved in a Mastery workshop session watch the video below.


If you would like further information about Teaching for Mastery, please contact us at