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Quotes from Teaching for Mastery Participants

“Regularly unpicking the steps in a mastery lesson has really helped my understanding of mastery and identify fluency and variation within a lesson. It has helped my subject knowledge and my ability to identify steps in lessons within my own lessons and when I've had the opportunity to observe others. I feel more confident to feedback to others regarding their maths teaching. I'd recommend this to others for the knowledge base and being able to develop practice in your own school.”  School participating on Primary Teaching for Mastery Embedding Programme.


“I found the observations of the Mastery Specialist teaching highly useful to see how to apply what we had discussed and learnt the theory of to how it is applied within a lesson and how it looks in practice. I then found the 'picking apart' element really useful to fully understand how it impacted the children's learning. It was also incredibly useful to see maths lessons across the whole school to see the impact consistency of approaches have and how the mastery approach builds throughout the school.” School participating on Primary Teaching for Mastery Developing Programme.


“Coaching around the core principles of mastery, time to observe principles in action, time to plan mastery into curriculum. All of this has developed my pedagogical understanding and improved the standard of my teaching. I would therefore recommend the Mobius Maths Hub work group to others”. School participating on Primary Teaching for Mastery Developing Programme.


“Vast amount of knowledge from Gill and helpful strategies given to use in my own teaching. Being able to share learnings and experiences with other teachers from other schools was beneficial. I would recommend the group to others in order to further their own CPD and take away new strategies to try in their own schools”. School participating on Primary Teaching for Mastery Readiness Programme.