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Quotes from our Teaching for Mastery Specialists & Participants


Becoming a Primary Maths Specialist opens up a world of benefits for the staff and children at my school. The journey towards specialisation in mathematics not only deepens one's understanding of the subject but also has equipped me with innovative teaching methods and strategies. The networking opportunities provided through collaborative initiatives such as LLME meets and residentials have proven to be brilliant catalysts for professional growth. Engaging with like-minded peers and experts in the field fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas. These interactions not only broaden perspectives but also inspire creativity in lesson planning, ensuring that all the early years maths education at my school is delivered with enthusiasm and effectiveness. The residentials, with their immersive and hands-on approach, further enhance the learning experience, allowing educators to bring fresh insights and engaging activities directly into their classrooms. The ripple effect of a Primary Maths Specialist's expertise is profound, positively impacting the mathematical foundation of young learners and laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of numbers and problem-solving.   Iain Mazonowicz, Eastrop Infant School & Nursery, Primary Mastery Specialist


It has been the best classroom focussed CPD that I have participated in, and it has allowed me invaluable time to think deeply about how I am teaching maths at secondary, the lesson visits and seminars have been brilliant and have supported me to think differently about teaching maths.  I feel it has reinvigorated my planning and increased my enthusiasm about lessons by using a different approach which has really developed my ideas of teaching in depth, purposeful variation, representations and manipulatives.  It’s great to see how this plays out in the classroom and it inspires pupils and allows them to connect and discuss their understanding and vocabulary.  It is always inspiring to hear when I’ve shared ideas with colleagues, and they come back and say that really worked.  Sally Goddard, St Laurence School - Secondary Mastery Specialist


The Mastery programme has had a huge impact on my teaching and leadership of maths at our school. It gave me a solid framework to consider how best to improve mathematics when I first took on the role of Maths Standards Lead and has continued to develop my teaching and leadership in the three years that have followed. As well as the impact on teaching and learning, I have created a strong network of like-minded colleagues, who I can turn to for advice or use a sounding board when I am considering the next steps for my school.  Overall, the biggest impact that the Mastery professional development has had has been on the children. We are creating informed, independent and resilient mathematicians thanks to the mastery approach. I'm so excited to become a Mastery Specialist and support other schools in realising this in their settings by sharing what I've learnt along my own journey.    Anneke Robinson, New Scotland Hill Primary School, Primary Mastery Specialist 


The Maths Mastery Specialist course has been a huge help to my personal professional development. Working with a wide variety of teachers on the residential is an extremely eye opening and rare opportunity that has impacted my teaching to a great extent. Along with this, having the opportunity to take time out of day-to-day teaching has allowed me to embed the core elements of the course into my teaching. It also allows for time to reflection which is so rare. David Ward, St Bartholomews School - Secondary Mastery Specialist.



I started working with the Mobius hub last September when my school enrolled on the Teaching for Mastery Developing programme. Through this programme, Mastery became so clear to me and through this workgroup it has enabled me to really develop my own practice and that of my school. I loved being part of this workgroup so much that inspired me to want to help others on their Mastery journey similarly to how my workgroup lead, Angus, had. Since the start of my experience within the Mobius hub last year, I am now training to be a Cohort 8 Mastery specialist and my school have progressed on to the Teaching for Mastery Embedding programme. Working within the Mobius hub not only empowers me as a professional to improve my own practice and ensure I am delivering high quality mathematics lessons to my children, but it also means that within my school, we are working to improve our mathematical culture within our school to ensure that we provide the best possible education for our learners so that all children have a positive experience of mathematics and that all learners are together on their mathematical learning journey.   Charlotte, Moredon Primary School - Primary Mastery Specialist. 


We are in year 2 of mastery roll out. So we have split the department into 2 teams. A year 7 team and a year 8 team. Each teacher then has 2 parallel classes in that year group and no classes in the other year group. We then run after school collaborative planning meetings every Tuesday after school. Year 7 teachers attend on week A and year 8 teachers attend on week B to lessen the load on teachers. The benefit of this has been reducing workload for teachers, while secretly running cpd on the best way to deliver the material and ensuring consistency across the departments. Lesson observations for performance management at the end of last half term showed that now having shared mastery lessons, mastery planning and continual cpd in fortnightly meetings that mastery elements were now embedded in all year groups and as part of teachers good practice in a classroom. This could be seen in the form of variation theory in their choice of questions, interleaving of previous taught skills through lesson activities, the use of physical manipulatives and pictorial representations. Having been working with many of these teachers and observing their lessons for over 13 years the change in their practice was noteable and the environment, ambience and general buzz of learning in their classrooms was amazing to see. I feel our year 11s are going to be the best prepared year 11s we have ever had, because they are benefiting from the better pedagogical approach being used in their lessons to drive learning.  Katy, St Crispins - Head of Maths & Computing .