Secondary & Post 16 Work Groups 2020/21

Initially work group sessions will be delivered online for 2020/21. Don't miss out, book your place or register your interest now. 

Our Work Groups are open to all state funded schools, colleges and nurseries in Wiltshire, Swindon, West Berkshire, Reading, Bracknell Forest and Wokingham.



  • NCP 20-16 :  Mathematical thinking for GCSE Work Groups - Rachel Helme, Work Group Lead

    The Mathematical Thinking for GCSE project is for secondary maths teachers looking for practical and theoretical elements to address their students’ GCSE attainment.

    The stated aims of the KS4 Programme of Study are that, through working on the content, students should develop mathematical fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. While mathematical thinking is a key feature of all of these, the focus of this Work Group is to support teachers in developing their understanding of mathematical thinking as it relates to problem-solving and reasoning, using practical task types to explore what it means for students to get better at mathematical thinking and what this looks like in the classroom. Find out more.


Tues 26th Jan 1- 4 pm

Fri 26th Feb 1 - 4 pm

Mon 26th April 1 - 4pm

Full Day TBC




  • NCP 20-17 :  Y5-Y8 continuity Work Groups - Natalie Ivey and Lucy Browne as Work Group Leads with Kerin Muddle shadowing.

    Work Groups in this project aim to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school by focussing on curriculum and pedagogical continuity over Years 5 to 8. Central to the Work Group is the promotion of cross phase communication between teachers to address issues of maths knowledge and learning transition as distinct from pastoral considerations. The Multiplicative Reasoning resources provide a mathematical focus to the work, although individual Work Groups are free to focus on a different aspect of the KS2/3 curriculum. Find out more.

Group 1 - Lucy Brown

Tuesday 9th Feb 3:30-5pm

Tuesday 2nd March 2-5pm

Tuesday 27th April 2-5pm

Wednesday 12th May 3.30-5pm

Group 2 - Natalie Ivey

Thurs 14th Jan   3.30pm - 5pm

Thurs 25 Mar     1 - 4pm

Thurs 29th Apr  1 - 4pm



  •  NCP 20-18 : Challenging topics at GCSE Work Groups - Lisa Avery Doyle, Work Group Lead

    This project focuses on participant teachers working together to ‘unpick’ (i.e. analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum) a challenging topic, developing insight into the associated difficulties and misconceptions to support teaching in the short term but also considering the implications for longer term curriculum design. Find out more.


Wed 27th Jan, 3.30-5.30pm

Thurs 25th Feb, 10.30am - 12.00noon

Thurs 25th Mar, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Tues 27th April, 3.30 - 5.30pm





  • NCP 20-22 Working partnerships with ITT providers - Dr Fiona Curtis, Work Group Lead

    This project is designed to further develop the ongoing liaison between ITT providers and their loc. Dr Fiona Curtis of the University of Reading will lead this work group alongside Mastery Specialists specifically for lead participants from the ITT community with responsibility for maths along with their leads in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and post-16 education.


    The sessions aim to:

    ✓ deepen understanding of, and involvement in, the work of their local Maths Hub and the Maths Hubs Network, along with their knowledge of the principles of teaching for mastery and how they relate to classroom practice

    ✓ review practices and programmes, aiming to ensure trainees have some understanding of lesson design informed by mastery principles

    ✓ develop planning which includes reference to the principles of teaching for mastery and is further enhanced by opportunities to observe Mastery Specialists in their lessons.


    This will provide the opportunity to explore and share current mathematical developments and consider their implications for Teaching Training providers and Maths Hubs in order to help trainees transition into teaching mathematics effectively as they start their career. Find out more.


    Sessions will run on the following dates: 

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    Thursday 4th March 1.30-3.00pm

    Wed 31st March, 3-4.30pm                 

    Friday 30th April, 2-3.30pm



ITT Mentors should attend all 5 sessions and the ITT Leads (ITTCo's) need only attend the first and last session although they are very welcome to attend all sessions if they wish.


Post 16


  • NCP 20-20 Supporting Core Maths Work Groups - Linda Harbour, Work Group Lead

    These Work Groups give teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support the open-ended problem-solving skills Core Maths students need and share these with departmental colleagues. Participant departments will support the role of Core Maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to teaching in other subject areas. Find out more.


Thurs 4th Feb, 2pm - 3.30pm

Thurs 11th March, 2pm - 5pm

Thurs 6th May, 2pm - 5pm

Thurs 10th June, 2pm - 5pm




  •  NCP 20-21 Developing A Level Pedagogy - Tor Baikie. Work Group Lead

    This NCP provides national support for the effective development of pedagogy in the teaching of A level Mathematics to enhance the quality of teaching and the conceptual understanding of students. This NCP and its Work Groups aim to develop and sustain regional communities of practice involving collaboration between teachers in developing pedagogy in their teaching of A level Mathematics. The focus of this NCP is on developing pedagogy in A level Maths teaching and development of participants as leaders of A level teaching professional development in their own school or college. Find out more.


Tue 2nd Feb, 4pm - 6pm

Fri 5th March, 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Wed 21st April, 4pm - 5pm (Stats)

Wed 28th April, 4pm - 5pm (Mechanics)

Thu 10th June - TBC





  • NCP 20-22 Working partnerships with ITT providers - Dr Fiona Curtis, Work Group Lead 

    This NCP is now entering its third year. Over the previous academic year, it was expected that Work Group Leads would actively meet local ITT providers and discuss the local ITT provision so that all hubs would:

    • have a full list of all their ITT providers (ITE, SCITT, School Direct etc.)
    • know how future teachers are prepared for the teaching of mathematics (within their locality)
    • share with local ITT providers the wider work of the hub and how the ITE provider could be involved with this.

    Any work undertaken in this project will be in conjunction with the leaders of maths provision in ITT institutions to strengthen the partnership and agree actions that will support the deepening of understanding of teaching for mastery for ITT trainees. Find out more.

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Thurs 4th March, 1.30 - 3pm

Wed 31st March, 3-4.30pm                 

Friday 30th April, 2-3.30pm



Research & Innovation Work Groups


SEND Mathematics (Primary, Secondary & Post 16)

This academic year in particular, it is important that we have workgroups focussing on SEND. Pupils with special needs, including SEMH are already more likely to be behind others of their age due to greater absence school. Covid-19 has lengthened these young peoples’ school absence. Students with SEND are more likely to have had to self-isolate during the pandemic and many have not yet returned despite the special schools/alternative provisions remaining open. Where special school/alternative provision teachers are delivering online, the correct use of representations can aid these young people in understanding the mathematics better. Online teaching will be considered and discussed in this work group. 

Participants will be part of a group that specifically focuses on SEND pupils. The group will reduce professional isolation, increase their understanding of Teaching for Mastery, share ideas and resources as well as upskilling themselves to confidently teach mathematics.


Start date postponed until March.

Wed 24th March, 2pm - 5pm

Wed 21st April, 2pm - 5pm

Wed 19th May, 2pm - 5pm

Wed 9th June, 2pm - 5pm