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Secondary School Mastery Programme

This programme is for secondary maths teachers in state funded schools who want to take a teaching for mastery approach in their own classroom and department, or to those who wish to introduce mastery in both their own school and beyond.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers like you to develop best practice in maths in your school. It is suitable for schools interested in implementing a teaching for mastery approach to maths.

Apply now for Mastery Developing Work Group 2024-2025  

 Apply now for Mastery Embedding/Sustaining Work Group 2024-2025   

Quote from Katy at St Crispins School on their Teaching for Mastery Journey

We are in year 2 of mastery roll out. So we have split the department into 2 teams. A year 7 team and a year 8 team. Each teacher then has 2 parallel classes in that year group and no classes in the other year group. We then run after school collaborative planning meetings every Tuesday after school. Year 7 teachers attend on week A and year 8 teachers attend on week B to lessen the load on teachers. The benefit of this has been reducing workload for teachers, while secretly running cpd on the best way to deliver the material and ensuring consistency across the departments. Lesson observations for performance management at the end of last half term showed that now having shared mastery lessons, mastery planning and continual cpd in fortnightly meetings that mastery elements were now embedded in all year groups and as part of teachers good practice in a classroom. This could be seen in the form of variation theory in their choice of questions, interleaving of previous taught skills through lesson activities, the use of physical manipulatives and pictorial representations. Having been working with many of these teachers and observing their lessons for over 13 years the change in their practice was noteable and the environment, ambience and general buzz of learning in their classrooms was amazing to see. I feel our year 11s are going to be the best prepared year 11s we have ever had, because they are benefiting from the better pedagogical approach being used in their lessons to drive learning.  Katy, St Crispins - Head of Maths & Computing .


The diagram below shows a school's journey towards Teaching for Mastery and is used to determine where your school's journey starts.



For more information about the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme, please take a look at the NCETM website or watch this interview with a local head teacher to understand the benefits of a Maths Mastery approach.


If you would like to find out more about the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme, please email us.