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Targeted Support in Mathematics - Intensive

Intensive Programme

This is bespoke support for schools in need of additional capacity to enable them to benefit from standard and enhanced provision at a later stage.  The intensive provision would be targeted at schools identified through a formal process based on agreed criteria (e.g. attainment level) and referral (e.g. PEIA requests).

An intensive school could be a school that has never engaged with an NCETM Maths Hub or, due to circumstances, has had to pause engagement and needs support to get back on track.

The focus is on providing intensive sustained support over time, in order for the leadership in both the school and subject to:

  • explore: clarify priorities for development
  • prepare: plan short/medium/long-term development (including for establishing teaching for mastery)
  • deliver and sustain: ensure effective sustained support from the Maths Hub, especially for establishing teaching for mastery.

Intended outcomes

  • Develop a strong relationship with the Maths Hub and to ensure the school successfully begins to benefit from the Maths Hub’s teaching for mastery offer.
  • Ensure there is capacity within the school to foster a change in culture in the teaching and learning of maths.


  • Maths Hubs would be able to offer a bespoke package of ongoing in-school Intensive Targeted Support Partner (ISP) days per school.
  • In addition, there could be funding available for leader/teacher release.
  • Both the ISP support and funding for each school could vary, based on a judgement of relative need.