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What is a Möbius Strip

A Möbius Loop or Strip is created by taking a two-sided strip of paper, giving it a half-twist and attaching the ends, resulting in a continuous loop with only one side and one edge. If you start to trace along the edge with a pencil you will end up tracing over both sides of your original strip without ever having taken off your pencil off the paper.

The Möbius Strip also has only one edge or boundary, which again can be demonstrated by tracing the edge with a pencil or finger. If the length of the original strip was 'n' then you will travel a distance of '2n' in total when tracing the edge of the Möbius Strip.

Our hub name pays tribute to the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius, as well as being inspired by the Möbius band. You may therefore see our name written as both Möbius Maths Hub and Möbius Maths Hub, but both refer to the same hub.

The Möbius strip still fascinates mathematicians, artists, and engineers today and for those interested in finding out more, look at Escher's work on Möbius strips, and the Klein bottle.



The idea to use Möbius as the name for our Maths Hub came from Ross, a year 9 student from The Willink school, as it represents a unique mathematical concept. For the Maths Hub it symbolizes teachers collaborating to develop excellent teaching in Mathematics,  ‘All working together on the same side’